Orthodox Christian Life Assessment/Inventories

These Assessment/Inventories are means to assist priests, pastoral counselors, life coaches, and individuals. They are tools for spiritual growth and should not be considered a formal diagnosis or therapeutic analysis.

The Assessment/Inventories use quantitative and qualitative approaches.  Orthodox spiritual life really isn’t quantifiable. Therefore, the numbers are only meant to stimulate discussion and assist you in your journey. True self-knowledge comes through pursuing the ascetical and liturgical life in the Church. In Orthodoxy, we tend not to use numbers or black and white viewpoints to examine someone. Instead, it comes through prayer, spiritual counsel, and watchfulness. Individuals should strongly consider working with a Spiritual Father/Mother or pastoral counselor if they choose to use these tools for personal growth.

Your Assessment/Inventory is yours and yours alone.  It is completely confidential.  No one at Matrona Ministries will be able to see your results. Once you have finished your inventory, you will be able to download and save your confidential report. You can send your report to anyone you wish.  We will not keep your report, email or answers tied to them.  We will only add your data, anonymously, to the overall database to understand macro trends among the faithful.

Each Assessment/Inventory can assist you to look at life with an Orthodox Christian lens. Both soul and body are important in Orthodox spiritual life, and these inventories take a similar holistic approach.

The assessments are all free of charge.

Although these inventories are done from an Orthodox Christian perspective, they can benefit those from other Christian confessions as well as other religions. New and Old Testament Scriptures, the three-volume series ‘The Therapy of Spiritual Illnesses’ by Larchet, ‘Orthodox Psychotherapy’ by Metropolitan Vlachos, ‘Passions and Virtues’ based on St. Paisios’s teachings, ‘Wounded by Love’ based on the teachings of St. Porphyrius, and ‘Passions and Virtues in Contemporary Culture’ a Master’s Thesis by Paul Karos, as well as many other writings from the church fathers have inspired the information and design of these inventories.

A message from the founder:

In addition to the Church’s rich writings, I have used my own Orthodox spiritual life journey. I have developed and used these tools at retreats, workshops, and with individuals one-on-one. I have refined, and will continue to refine, these tools with feedback from priests, bishops, monastics, and other lay people.

I have been an Orthodox Christian Coach for many people.  Sitting with others in their struggles has been a great honor and teacher. These are not meant to be definitive analytical inventories. It would be dangerous to use them that way. On the other hand, it can be the beginning of some good work on our hearts. It can help jump start a discussion between priest/pastoral counselor and layperson. God willing, it can help begin a journey of growth toward repentance, healing, and Christ-likeness. I pray they bear much fruit in your lives.

Paul P. Karos

Feel free to send me any feedback that you think will improve the inventories or commentaries.