Life Coaching/Mentoring from an Orthodox Christian Perspective

Mr. Karos provides confidential coaching to individuals from an Orthodox Christian perspective.  He is a confidential sounding board for Orthodox Christian clergy nationwide.  He focuses on lay people primarily in the Minnesota Twin Cities area.

Mr. Karos is not a licensed counselor and cannot be your primary advisor if professional assistance is required.


There can be many goals for coaching/mentoring. Generally, the main goal is to learn how daily life can impact our growth toward Christ-likeness. This involves the rhythm of our lives, our relationships with spouses, family, friends, workmates, and others.  Struggles with balance is a common challenge in today’s demanding culture. We seek to integrate our lives holistically into Christ and His Church. You will explore what elements of life are stressful, are impeding your development as a person, and develop strategies to slowly transform these areas of life.  Transformation takes time and is lifelong. Having said that, Christ can, and does, truly transform us.

What to Expect

In these sessions, Mr. Karos uses inventories found on this website as well as other tools and techniques to explore what elements of your life you would like to address.

People usually do 5-10 sessions.  Each lasts approximately 1.5 hours and repeat weekly or every other week. Coaching/mentoring is done either in person or on the phone/internet.

Clergy specific

Mr. Karos can be a confidential sounding board for issues within your parish leadership, marriage, or any other issues in which you are struggling. Clergy often times find themselves dealing with issues alone, and this coaching offers them support.

Lay people searching for coaching

Mr. Karos comes from an Orthodox Christian Church traditional framework and it is preferred that you are an Orthodox Christian who attends church. In order to get the most out of this, it is encouraged you foster a relationship with your parish priest since this coaching incorporates the liturgical, sacramental, ascetical, and communal life of the Orthodox Church.

Payment for coaching

Matrona Ministries asks you to donate to one of three Orthodox Christian ministries as payment for each session.  The amount is left up to you to determine after prayerful consideration.  The three ministries are MEOCCA, FOCUS of Minnesota or IOCC.

To learn more about Mr. Karos’ background go to our about section. Contact us if interested in coaching.