Passions and Virtues Inventory

This inventory will help you identify possible passions that need attention in your life.  Passions are sinful habits that cause suffering to yourself and others.  Examples include pride, vainglory, fear, lust, greed, sadness, etc.  It will also help you see which virtues may be developing in your life like temperance, humility, patience, courage, etc.

Your customized report will discuss which faculties of the soul are affected by your potential passions.  It will also discuss paths to healing your passions based on the teachings of the Church, scriptures and Fathers.

Additionally, your report will discuss the impact contemporary culture plays in the development of these passions.  Lastly, it will give you suggested action steps to consider for your healing.

This is only a tool.  It is not meant to be a definitive diagnosis in any way.  We encourage you to work with your Spiritual Father/Mother or pastoral counselor if you wish to work on this area of life.

You will now be taking the Passions and Virtues Inventory.  You will be responding to a series of questions.  It will take approximately 25 minutes.  Your results will be ready for download when you are finished.