College and High School Foundation and Pillars Inventory


An inventory of the holistic health in your life using a ‘foundations and pillars’ analogy. This aids in the identification of areas in our busy and sometimes broken lives that need attention. We will look at our foundation as ‘life in Christ,’ and elements of daily living such as work, marriage, school, friendships, health etc. Identified areas will be treated from an Orthodox Christian perspective, provided with action steps to consider, and commented on in regards to the impact of contemporary culture.  This inventory will lead you to areas of life you may need to address, rebuild, or reprioritize.

Why do we charge $3?

We know it is a small fee, but it helps us pay for our hard technology costs and continuing to provide ministerial resources. Any profits acquired by the ministry are donated to Orthodox Christian Charities. The founder will take no salary from the ministry. Thanks!

(Please note, link expires 5 days from purchase.)



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