Self-image and Suffering Inventory


Some of us have had significant suffering in our lives.  Others of us have experienced less suffering.  How we deal with our suffering has a significant impact on our entire life, soul and body.

This inventory is only a tool.  It is not meant to be a definitive diagnosis of suffering or woundedness.  It is important that you work with someone on any unhealed suffering you uncover.  Do not do it alone.  Hopefully, this inventory assists you in this element of your spiritual journey.

Suffering without Christ leads to unhealed wounds.  These wounds lead to passions such as anger, sadness, pride, anxiety, fear, jealousy, greed, gluttony and a host of potential addictions. They also develop a distorted, damaged, self-image.

Ironically, we may think negative experiences we had as young people did not cause us suffering.  We think we are tougher than that.  Unfortunately, many experiences did cause wounds that were never healed and have been festering inside us. When we ignore our suffering, it stunts our growth as a person and creates infected wounds that spread to many areas of life.  These wounds usually manifest in various spiritual, mental and physical conditions.

Your report will help you identify unhealed suffering, any distortion of your self-image, and will help you become aware of reaction and coping behaviors you may be doing.  Lastly, there will be action steps to consider for your healing of your wounds and distorted self-image.

Why do we charge $3?

We know it is a small fee, but it helps us pay for our hard technology costs and continuing to provide ministerial resources. Any profits acquired by the ministry are donated to Orthodox Christian Charities. The founder will take no salary from the ministry. Thanks!

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